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Attention All Athletes
Tennis elbow, also known a lateral epicondylitis, could impact your online gambling ability if left untreated. My tennis elbow caused my elbow joint to become so inflamed and painful I couldn’t even use my mouse. Foolishly I waited far too long before seeking treatment beyond the usual anti inflammatory drugs. Fortunately I live nearby to Las Vegas and the doctor I finally sought out was a winner! Dr. Physio has been treating elbow pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, and tennis elbow for the past 25 years. He works with professional athletes as well as folks like myself. After undergoing a battery of tests, Dr Physio created a specific regiment of exercises, joint mobilization, and stretching techniques for me. I call his treatment style relief. His program worked for my chronic tennis elbow and I am not only back to playing tennis, but also able to work on my computer without any discomfort. So I repeat, if you are suffering from lateral epicondylitis and live in the Las Vegas area, don’t delay seeking treatment. 

Now back to my regular post.

This page is a public service message for all the online gamblers-to-be.

When you’re looking for an online casino, you’ll no doubt be swayed primarily by the games and the bonuses. Those are definitely important elements, but don’t ignore the various details that will let you know if the online casino that you are considering is actually going to be a good choice in the long run.

Trust is key with anything involving money. If you’re in the market for some sterling silver jewelry and a display of elegant sterling silver rings catches your eye, you first want to make sure that the offering is actually sterling silver, and not something that only LOOKS like sterling silver! And since you can’t actually confirm a website is legitimate, you must use some common sense before committing hard earned cash to an online gaming room.

First of all, you want an online casino that will work. Sounds silly, but if you go to the website and it doesn’t load properly, that’s a bad sign. It may simply be that your computer and the casino are not a good match, or it may indicate that the casino doesn’t care enough about the player to ensure that their product is fully compatible. Try the Instant Play option and play some online slots for free before you sign up, just to see how everything works with your setup.

You’ll definitely want an online casino that gets reviewed and audited on a regular basis. Any reputable casino will have an icon at the bottom of the front page of the website that reads “eCOGRA” or “TST” or some other establish regulatory agency. These companies take a look at the gameplay at the casino and produce fairly detailed reports on the fairness and randomness of the games…as well as the payout percentages, which can be very helpful in deciding which casino pays out the most to its players!

You want an online casino that has customer support. In fact, you should probably take their customer support options out for a test drive before you sign up; give them a call if they have toll-free telephone numbers, or jump on Live Chat and ask a few questions. If the casino doesn’t have any instant contact options, send them an email. The amount of time it takes them to answer your questions could be a very good indication of the service you can expect, and the ease and quality of the information given will tell you as much as the information itself.

Of course, part of the responsibility is yours: you should make sure that the online casino is legal to play in your area. An online casino from Europe may not be legal for American players, and some individual states may be prohibited at a legal online casino USA.

It goes without saying that you should be looking for an online casino that protects customers’ information and transactions with the best available security. I wouldn’t even think about signing up to an online casino that didn’t have 128-bit encryption and SSL, for example.

Finally, reputation and feedback is the best measure of an online casino’s quality…but be a bit critical of what you read and hear. Plenty of ‘reviews’ and seemingly-random positive comments are merely paid advertisements, while a handful of isolated bad experiences can overshadow what may be a perfectly good experience for the vast majority of players (remember, an unhappy person is about 1000 times more likely than a satisfied customer to post comments on the Internet!).


April 7, 2010

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