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Luck plays a role in everything you do, even when you think you control what’s going on. Like when I stumbled into my deceased dad’s stash of porn mags. But the luck wasn’t the porn, the luck was that in the same case was a bunch of old movie posters. I found a bunch that were really old and were really famous. When I researched online I found a site where they did free appraisals if you send them a photo. It is run by Ralph Deluca, who is THE expert on movie posters. Short story is those posters bankrolled my first business ventures or should I say business plan which involved becoming a pro gambler.

Online casinos are not a new game. There have been many to come and go since the inception of the idea. Some of them are bad, some are good. It is in some cases hard to tell. This was especially the case in the beginning when technology was not good enough to protect the systems being used. There were real problems with the entire thing until very recently simply due to logistics. I mean when you are dialing up Internet access and have a slow transfer speed to technological shortcomings there is not a lot you can do. When technology started coming around the whole game got a lot more secure, fast and fun. Now days all you need to do is log on to get hours and hours of entertainment gambling online.

When I first started I had problems of my own. Many of which stemmed from badly run businesses. People were not as inclined to review businesses or spread the word to the public when they had a bad experience. When I started playing online it would have been nice to do a bit of research on the sites I used because it would have saved me a lot of drama and a bit of money. You see it was easy for a website to just start up get some customers to deposit money and close down again keeping the deposits. This is because the real age of the business and the method of operations were shrouded and very hard to gain access to. In the current era this is no longer the case.

I regularly played at the casinos in Vegas as well as Atlantic City when the Internet started to catch my eye. I used it here and there from time to time but I never really considered all of the possibilities. That is, until I found my first Gambling Site. To put it mildly my imagination took off with me. All I could think about was being able to stay home and play my favorite games. They would pay my way and I would likely not have to spend nearly as much in maintaining my lifestyle if I didn’t have to drive from place to place or from town to town looking for the hot games. I jumped in with both feet to say the least. I Started playing and had a great time of it too. I played for a couple of weeks and found that I stacked up quite a bit of cash. They had a game running nearly all of the time. There were always new users joining and it seemed like I would be having a great relationship with the company.

October 31, 2014

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