ROI = Return on Investment. SYS stands for System. Put them together and you’ll be expecting a system that provides you a return on your investments, right?

Perhaps you’d prefer to hand over your money to the folks that caused our current economic chaos? Maybe let them play with it for a while, so that they can lose it completely or pocket any real gains themselves? (“I’ve examined the credentials and determined that a medium-risk long-term adequate growth prospect is in our fiduciary best interests”).

Not that we’re denying the benefits of sound money management. You’re still encouraged to explore things like auto loan refinance and debt management solutions as well as gift baskets. We’re not saying that online gambling is the miracle answer to all of your financial troubles.

But maybe you just want to have a little fun. Not a bad way to go. Why pay someone else to gamble with your money when you can do it yourself? Sure, there’s risk — it just wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t. But the payoffs are sweeter when you have a hand in the plays.

And like the unpleasantness of a maritime accident injury on a Baton Rouge waterway, there’s always an upside if you look for it. If you don’t get killed you can make a lot money especially if a commercial rig or vessel has injured you and you’re wise enough to contact an experienced lawyer for a Baton Rouge maritime accident. For more information, check this out. A maritime accident injury may not be your image of a meal ticket, but if you’re injured, it’s imperative that you act quickly to strengthen you case, because there’s always the gamble that it won’t work out for you. Trying to make money is always a gamble.

Yes, any financial professional will resent the comparison between gambling and what he does for a living. He (maybe) has education, experience, familiarity, and all sorts of charts and listings and graphs. His choices are made after a thorough examination of historical trends, the current state of the market, and a sober and reasoned expectation of future results.

On the following pages, we’ll tell you a bit more about this exciting investment opportunity. And we promise not to use the word “fiduciary” again.

Just be aware that every tactic has a drawback, whether is sleepless nights, lost wages or time, or a Google penalty. Never heard of a Google penalty? Well, if you’re going to run a web business you better learn about it since it is the primary risk to an enterprise dependent on the search for sales. To suddenly lose your ranks is a death knell to most web businesses.

So face it, no matter what your field of interest, what your specialty, or expertise, you’re going to have to contend with something and that something might not be pleasant. But the trip should be fun, and that’s what matters – make money, have fun. Step right up! If you play your cards right then you will come to find that there is no limit to the possibilities. You can make it right to where you want to be with the right amount of imagination and some elbow grease.

Just remember that it can be lonely at the top but sometimes it is nice to be able to sit back & enjoy the scenery.

March 9, 2010

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